About Us

QuANZ believes that quidditch is a sport for all abilities, from fostering individuals who are engaging in sport for the first time, to providing an outlet for athletes wishing to expand their repertoire.


Quidditch applies skills from a range of sports from rugby to gymnastics and we pride ourselves on being one of the only mixed gender sports in the world.  


We are a non-profit sporting organisation run completely by passionate and enthusiastic volunteers from New Zealand and around the world! 

QUANZ Goals and Programs  

QuANZ aims to develop quidditch in New Zealand by;

  • Fundraising and donations intitiatives to support local teams

  • Providing National Tournaments and communicating with local quidditch bodies to oversee local tournaments

  • Organising, supporting and fundraising for teams to participate in tournaments overseas

  • Creating and maintaining social media outlets between quidditch enthusiasts 

  • Sourcing and supplying equipment to local teams

  • Providing refereeing programs and certification through online forums to increase our understanding of the sport

  • Reaching out and providing the tools necessary to have Kids Quidditch (Kidditch) in primary and high schools.

  • Sourcing and support effective coaches from the quidditch community to help progress local teams 

Our People
Presidents of Local Teams

Ryan Fairbrother- Christchurch President of Canterbury QuidSoc associated with Canterbury University

Other active areas for 'Kidditch'

Invercargill, Wairarapa, Wellington, Dunedin, Hawkes Bay. 






 President: Ryan Fairbrother 

Secretary: Emily Adams​

Rules and Regulations Officer: Kieran Daniel

Events and Tournament Officer: Michael Peach

Publicity and Communications Officer: Emma Humphrey

Media Officer: Atharva Bhide


Facebook Links to our regional teams 
Christchurch (Quid Soc Canterbury)

Our Constitution 

Membership Information
Currently, QuANZ runs one National event called the New Zealand Quidditch camp in Christchurch at Spencer Park in late January/early February each year.
Memberships are incorporated in the camp fees so all attendees of the camp are QuANZ members.  
Memberships will cost $5 and will expire on Dec 31st of each year. 
Once you are a registered member after attending one of our events, you will be informed of future events and receive the benefits of being a member. 
This $5 membership fee covers
-Our initial one-off registration fee with the New Zealand government as an incorporated society (which allows us to apply for grants and donations as well as many other benefits) 
-Gives you access to discounts on merchandise (such as sports shirts, tournaments, socials and events run by QuANZ 
-20% of membership fees, (i.e $1 of the total fee) goes towards a fundraising initiative to help send our players to the Quidditch World Cup in 2018. 
-Any remaining funds are put towards providing equipment and support to teams. 

Do YOU have skills to bring to quidditch? 

Quidditch is just taking off in New Zealand and it is the dedicated, passionate volunteers both in NZ and internationally that keep it moving forward.  

If you are interested in joining the National Committee and having your say in the development in the sport, our AGM is held at our National Quidditch Camp every year. 

If you are interested in setting up a team at your school, university or in your city, do not hesitate to contact us! Just flick us an email at newzealandquidditch@gmail.com and our team will provide you with all the resources and advice that we can to help get you started. 

Regardless of your quidditch prowess, QuANZ is always looking for volunteers to help apply their skills to help make a difference. Whether you like taking photos, filming matches, enjoy playing with graphics, are social media savvy, can handle website design, love to coach in any sport, are a real handyman and love to build things or you just want to volunteer your time. Please get in touch with us, no experience is required, only a passionate heart.