Quidditch is a combination of rugby, basketball and dodgeball. While the game can appear chaotic to the casual observer, once familiar with the basic rules, quidditch is an exciting sport to watch and even more exciting to play.
There are four types of players (chasers, keepers, beaters and seekers) as well as four balls (one quaffle and three bludgers) on the pitch at any one time... 
...And of course, there are the brooms.
You think of any goal scoring sport right? They all have unusual rules that handicap you in some way to make it interesting. In netball, you can't move when you have the ball. In soccer, you can't use your hands. In basketball, you have to bounce it. In rugby, you can only pass backwards. The only purpose of these restrictive rules are to made the game difficult. 
 In quidditch however, you have complete freedom of movement, you can pass to anyone anywhere with no offside rule, you can run with the ball, kick it, anything! But, you have to do it with the broom. So the broom is the handicap in quidditch. It increases your coordination and agility, as well as creating a safer tackling environment between people of different sizes. When you have a broom, you run slower which reduces your momentum and ability to cause injury. This is an extremely clever handicap, because other than that you have pretty much total freedom in quidditch. In addition, it faciltates the ability for many different body types, making it the ONLY mixed gender FULL CONTACT sport in the world. 
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Quidditch Rules can be obtained from United States Quidditch


Referee development Program 
As Quidditch becomes more developed, certified referees are needed to enforce fair play. The IRDP is an online program and series of multi-choice tests that increase understanding of the rules and allow one to become an internationally recognized and certified Snitch, Assistant or Head referee.


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