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QuANZ is delighted to announce that the third annual New Zealand Quidditch Camp, National Tournament, workshops and AGM are to be held in Christchurch in February 2019!

Where: YMCA and North Hagley Park, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, New Zealand
When: 2 
pm Friday 15th Feb- 2 pm Sunday 17th Feb 2019



We are planning an exciting array of events including; mixed-team tournaments, the famous inter-island (North vs South) face-off, quidditch workshops hosted by local and international players, a quiz night and an AGM to elect our mighty national committee.


The weekend focuses on welcoming new and old players to the sport to share new skills and can cultivate your own enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. We will also be hosting "Come and Try" sessions on the Saturday afternoon for the younger generation those who would like to give it a go! Also on the Saturday afternoon we will be hosting workshops for teachers and parents across the nation to prepare them with the skills needed to cultivate kids quidditch teams in their region. 


Come and make new friends and connections across the globe! Quidditch players from Europe and Australia will be travelling to share their experiences playing overseas and tactics specific to their nation. Our National New Zealand Team, The Black Brooms, who competed at the 2018 World Cup in Italy will also be in attendance to pass on the tactics that brought us to sporting dominance!  


Given our new central location, there will also be plenty of opportunities to see the city!

You must be 16 years or older to attend evening events and to participate in tournaments. However people younger than 16 may participate in the training workshops on the Friday afternoon, and all of Saturday/Sunday.


All levels are welcome to attend, whether you are trying quidditch for the first time or a national player, all skills and backgrounds in quidditch will be catered for! Players under 18 years old require written consent from a parent or guardian to participate. 

The committee are looking to minimize costs as much as possible. The cost of the camp is $99 if payment is made before the 31st of December, otherwise the it will be $120. This cost will cover for the entire 2 days; accommodation, QuANZ membership fee, playing field fees and all other necessary quidditch equipment for the weekend.


Free Accommodation before and after the camp may be available. At QuANZ we want to make quidditch as accessible as possible. Therefore, if you would like a few days of extra accommodation before or after the camp, QuANZ can arrange for you to stay with one of our lovely and passionate committee members. Please note that accommodation will be offered on a FIRST-IN-FIRST SERVED basis. Please email after filling out this form to secure your place.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, including event plans, how to get there, AGM information, refunds, accommodation before and after the camp and transport and much more can be seen here;

Sign ups have now closed!

However we are still running free 'Come and Try' sessions during the weekend! Check out our links above for more information!