NZ Quidditch 2018 World Cup Supporter Jersey! 

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 Orders will close on August 7th​​
About the jersey design


The jersey was designed by Abbey Crook.


The designs are based off the Maori koru symbolising life, growth, strength and peace. We designed individual koru designs to look like a snitch and quafl as seen on the jersey.


We choose black,white and red as they are are common colours seen within New Zealand artwork. The black/grey background is representative on maori tattoos, design and artworks.


Aside from the koru, we have also incorporated the native fern which is symbolic to national teams within New Zealand. Most New Zealand sports teams have some sort of basis to New Zealand wildlife. The maori translation of All Blacks for example means Black Fern.


Finally, the red snitch is the official QuANZ logo. In New Zealand every New Zealand child is given a pair of bright red Peter Blake socks from the charitable trusts set up in his name to honor his many achievements. In New Zealand, we use these red socks for the snitch as a result it is the official New Zealand quidditch logo.

There is lots of symbolic meaning behind the jersey including many parts of New Zealand cultural and sport symbolism (as well as a personal NZ quidditch touch). Thank you very much to everyone who has bought a jersey so far and we hope you enjoy wearing this little piece of ‘kiwiana’.


*Disclaimer, the colours in this artists impression appear darker than in the real version

For those with queries, concerns or complaints regarding our jersey orders in March 2018, please feel free to read the following letter.