World Cup 2020

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) has announced that the next Quidditch World Cup will be hosted by the Unites States of America in Richmond, Virginia July 18-19th 2020. While the finer details are being sorted out, New Zealand is preparing to send our National Team, the Black Brooms to compete. 

Successful applicants to the team will spend 10 days in New York, Washington and Richmond training to meet the demands of representing our country on the World Stage. Players will have the opportunity to meet with officials from the New Zealand Embassy, road trip across the US and meet with thousands of other quidditch players from around the world. 

Our goal this World Cup is to make Top 10, while at the same time promoting this amazing sport and showing the world that us kiwis can fly too. We welcome people of all skill sets and abilities and encourage you to sign up.

We are also searching for dedicated individuals to join our team staff and fundraising team. Contact us at if you are interested. 

#OneTeamOneDream  #Top10